Drop in kit hw97Owner of the shop finally sold it by throwing it in with a AR-15 during the 2008 panic. This thing sat their from at least 2003. Posted: 8/12/2013 9:05:31 PM EDT. The Cz-97b goes for around $700 new in California. 97bd are rare and valuable. You shouldn't have any trouble selling it.Jeremy steinke motherJul 11, 2005 路 Although it looks to me as if the -97B could easily hold 12 or 13 rounds, CZ lists its magazine capacity as 10 rounds. Is there an aftermarket -97B magazine which holds more than 10 rounds? Mec-Gar makes 12-round .40 S&W magazines for the -75B, and 16-round 9mm -75 mags, but they don't list any -97B mags.